10 poorly chosen Ruby gem names

There's something weird in the Ruby community that has been driving me crazy since I started using the language. There's this habit, by what I hope is a minority, of choosing "clever" gem names instead of useful or descriptive names. I'm not above a good pun or play on words, but some gem names range between confusingly stupid and utterly aggrevating.

Probably offensive

I basically spent about 30 minutes typing borderline or completely NSFW terms into the rubygems.org search box to come up with this list. It's a little longer than 10 gems, I didn't anticipate finding so many "gems" (so to speak).

For slang or singular terms, I will include the definition according to Google, of the term to the right of the gem.

Tips for Naming a Gem:

Just plain stupid

While searching for blatantly offensive gem names, I found a number of other "wonderfully" named gems that don't offend so much as they confuse. There was such a plethora of simple nouns which can make searching for documentation exceptionally difficult for novice users.

I don't have much of an idea what half of these gems do, and I can't be troubled to dig into what the use case is for "cocaine", "vegas" or "whoa", at least from the Ruby perspective that is.

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