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  • 3 Elasticsearch nodes in 3 minutes
    For one of my newer projects at Lookout, I'vebeen experimenting with Elasticsearch as theprimary data store. The advantages of Elasticsearch are many for my particularuse-case, but one of the things I particularly like about it is the distributednature of its design.Like most modern data stores, Elasticsearch was built to be... read more
  • Wrasslin' with Mike Echo
    All over my body I feel warm, my eyes dart left, to the fully extendedwind sock, back to my panel, and then straight ahead. A couple hundred feetbefore the displaced threshold I line up on the centerline and slowly advancethe power. The airplane starts accelerating down the runway, I sit... read more
  • Testing Puppet's custom facts with RSpec
    As a long-time user of both Puppet and Jenkins, it should not be terriblysurprising to readers that I'm creator of the most downloadedpuppet-jenkins module on Puppet Forge.Maintaining a semi-popular Puppet module is an interesting endeavour. One musttry to maintain some semblance of quality, while still readily acceptingpatches from numerous contributors... read more
  • Flying in severe clear to Monterey
    Reunited with an old friend, the UglyDuckling, I finish my engine startchecklist and the Duckling roars alive. Unlike some of my lessons over thesummer, the plane gives me no trouble starting up.So far, so good."Hayward Ground, Skyhawk Seven-three-seven Golf-mike, at the green ramp withX-ray, request taxi to Two-eight right."Slowly advancing... read more
  • 2014 European Tour
    Update: I will unable to be in Yurp the entire month of February due to somechanges in my work schedule :(With low temperatures throughout the northern hemisphere, one might be temptedto steal away to a warmer climate for a few weeks. A reasonable thought, by nodoubt reasonable people. Brazil, Australia,... read more
  • Airborne ass-kickings
    We begin our descent towards Santa Rosa, lined up for runway 32 with strongheadwinds and a warning of moderate turbulence from the tower.The wind speed is variable, a fancy way to say "gusting." The airgusting over the wing is making it somewhat difficult to maintain a proper 500foot per minute... read more
  • The scratchiest neckbeard, or FreeBSD on my Thinkpad X200
    Pulling my laptop out of my bag this past Friday, I was excited with theprospect of a good relaxing day of hacking on whatever I pleased. Havingfulfilled the Thanksgiving family obligations, and negotiated an errand-freeday with my wife, I was pretty excited about a full day of tinkering.I pop open... read more
  • Climbing to 6,500ft, bravo!
    Santa Rosa's current conditions are overcast with plenty of fog. The forecastand the weather brief confirm that it should start to clear up around 10-11am.Our planned time of departure is 10am.On the drive down to Hayward, the clouds hang low over Oakland. I reiterate tomy wife that we might get... read more
  • The cost of flight
    After a week of utterly painful patience, my wife and I were finally able toget up in the air this morning, undertaking our first flight together with mynew private pilot's license.This flight has been months in the making, paraphrasing one of the first"Jonathan Jokes" he ever made to me in... read more
  • You start with a bag full of luck
    One of my favorite aviation sayings is "you start with a bag full of luck andan empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience beforeyou empty the bag of luck."Despite all your training and preparation, luck is still plays a role inaviation. I now know... read more