Thriving in a Development Vacuum

Last week there was a post on Coding Horror about the "Dangers of programming alone". Jeff quotes this article which does a fairly good job of expressing the plight. Programming is not a full-time aspect of my work (at least not now) but when we need an application to do some piece of analysis or run some piece of equipment I am the sole developer. While I can relate to watching myself make those mistakes I don't share the same bleak opinion of being a lone programmer. Over the years I've been slowly figuring out how to make the sole-developer arrangement work.

I think suggesting that programmer should demand to work with other programmers, as suggested in the Coding Horror post, is a bit extreme. The real requirement is to be able to work in a way that won't drive us insane, whether alone or in a team.

Of course this is all based on my personal position, which doesn't involve programming for all 52 weeks in a year, being constrained to one project for extended periods of time, or distributing my applications to any wide audience. Maybe what I should be writing about is all the reasons I love my job ...
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