Let's Swap iPods.

Since I've started to spend such an enormous amount of my time with work and settling into a new apartment, I've had literally no time to discover new music. Because of this utter lack of time on my part, I've been pondering this idea for about the past month or two on a daily basis, I want to participate in an iPod Foreign Exchange Program.

I currently own a 30GB Video iPod (black) that has about 28GB of music on it with a few assorted podcasts here and there.

Here's what I'm thinking would constitute a good set of rules for swapping an iPod to "walk a mile in somebody's shoes" (musically).

I went ahead and removed my calendars and contacts from my iPod just in case I run into somebody on the train that has read this post and wants to swap right away, but failing that, if you're around San Francisco, let's swap iPods :)
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