New Light on Dark Energy

Last night I was fortunate enough to squeeze into a packed house in the Berkeley Repertory Theatre for a panel titled "New Light on Dark Energy". Suffice to say, I was thrilled about the entire event, I didn't expect such a massive line and a filled 600 seat theatre.

Folks lining up for the Dark Energy panel

After I managed to grab one of the last three or four open seats in the audience for the two hour long series of presentations and Q&A session.

Dark Energy seminar is FULL

During the Q&A session I managed to get up to a microphone to ask a softball question to the panelists: "If we could give you an infinite supply of funds and grad students, what would you focus on to identify 'Dark Energy' in your life time?" Panelist Greg Aldering had a fantastic response that ellicited a number of laughs and sad-pplause from the audience (paraphrased) "The concept of infinite resources is more mind boggling to us than any of the stuff we've talked about tonight."

The night was a blast, if you're in the Bay Area I highly recommend you check out the Friends of the Berkeley Lab newsletter and attend some of their seminars and panels in the future.


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