And now a word about the Jenkins DNS debacle

Now that things have settled down, I'd like to address what happened during the jenkins-ci.org DNS outage I discussed here.

Long story short, some poor assumptions caused a lot of trouble while switching registrars away from GoDaddy.

First let me explain the motivations for moving from GoDaddy: aside from the SOPA issue, I've always hated dealing with GoDaddy. The have had an absolutely shit product for a long time, but as a long time customer, momentum was quite a limiting factor. Before my involvement with the Jenkins infrastructure, I would have only used GoDaddy once or twice a year.

Since becoming the driving force behind a lot of the Jenkins back-end, I've had to deal with them once or twice a month, and everytime I would be bombarded with upsells, ads and other shit that I wanted no part in. With the renewal of jenkins-ci.org coming up in January, it makes sense to switch registrars before I renew the domain for 5 years (which I will be doing).

The SOPA boycott is just gravy on top.

As for the "DNS debacle", here's a quick bulleted list of what happened:

The Negative

Instead of focusing too much on the colossal screw-up, I'd like to focus more on what positive has come out of the situation.

The Positive

I could vent about the idiocy of the DNS system, how much I abhor GoDaddy, or a myriad of other issues that had to be resolved in these past two days, but that wouldn't be very useful.

Despite the amount of time consumed in the affair, I think the project comes out ahead and stronger, and at the end of the day that's what is really important to me.

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