A loose collection of notes from Puppet training

Last week, Kohsuke and I participated in a Puppet training and consulting event on behalf of the Jenkins project. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, we both had some amount of Puppet knowledge going into the sessions, but neither of us had actually deployed a puppet master before, let alone used the Puppet Enterprise Console. I've written good bits of Puppet code, I've not made good use of Puppet though.

Below is a more or less unedited list of my notes taken during the entirety of the week.

Puppet Basics/Advanced Training

Installing Puppet Enterprise on Master

Installing the Puppet Enterprise on an Agent

Puppet Enterprise Console notes

Node Classification


Resource Relationships
Language constructs

ERB Templates

Defined types





Rapid Deployment Support/Training

Deployment pipeline iteration 0

Secrets management

Testing notes

Misc notes

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